Destin, Florida, April 2025

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Are you an entrepreneur or business professional looking to take your game to the next level? Do you want to gain new insights, learn cutting-edge marketing tools, and network with like-minded individuals? Look no further than Level Up Epic Events, the premier seminar series focused on helping communities grow and thrive!

As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Business Professional,  Money, Marketing, and Mindset are the foundation of your growth and true potential!


Here are a few considerations to start with:

  • Financial Success: Leveling up your money, marketing, and mindset as an entrepreneur leads to increased financial success. It improves your financial literacy, allows for better money management, and helps you make informed decisions about investments and profitability. Strong marketing skills attract customers and expand your business, while a growth-oriented mindset enables you to persist and take calculated risks.

  • Competitive Advantage: Developing expertise in money, marketing, and mindset gives you a competitive edge. You can strategically manage finances, make data-driven decisions, and create effective marketing campaigns. A growth-oriented mindset helps you adapt to challenges, seize opportunities, and stay ahead of competitors.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Investing in these areas facilitates personal and professional growth. Financial literacy aids in making smarter personal financial choices, while marketing skills enhance communication and relationship-building. A growth-oriented mindset fosters resilience, adaptability, and overall fulfillment, benefiting both your business and personal life.


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"Level Up 2024" is a transformative event meticulously crafted for entrepreneurs and business professionals who are ready to elevate their leadership and faith while honing the pillars of Money, Marketing, and Mindset. Set against the serene backdrop of Destin, Florida, this premier seminar series is dedicated to fostering community growth and prosperity. Anticipating a diverse audience of over 500 attendees, both in person and this year we are offering a virtual streaming ticket. This event provides a unique opportunity to expand your network and gain invaluable insights.

At its core, "Level Up 2024" integrates the twin pillars of Leadership and Faith as the central theme, which form the foundation for understanding and applying Money, Marketing, and Mindset. Attendees can expect to gain practical insights and tools that blend these elements seamlessly into their personal and professional lives.

The Money component equips attendees with insights into wealth-building strategies and financial acumen while nurturing a deeper understanding of financial faith. It's an opportunity to make informed decisions about financial goals, both professionally and personally.

Marketing, another cornerstone, delves into cutting-edge tools and techniques that can boost business growth while emphasizing the importance of marketing with integrity and faith. This approach ensures that attendees can expand their market presence while maintaining ethical and faith-driven business practices.

The third foundational pillar is Mindset, which encompasses both leadership and faith. It guides individuals on the path to success by cultivating a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Attendees will learn to overcome mental obstacles, build resilience, and develop the leadership mindset necessary for sustained success, all within the framework of faith-based principles.

Renowned speakers, including celebrities and influencers, will share their experiences and insights on how to navigate the worlds of Leadership and Faith while integrating Money, Marketing, and Mindset. The goal is to empower attendees to leverage their influence and knowledge in these domains to achieve new levels of personal and professional growth.

Networking is another vital component of the event. With a diverse audience of entrepreneurs and business professionals, attendees can form valuable connections, explore partnerships, and uncover opportunities that align with their goals in the realms of Leadership and Faith, Money, Marketing, and Mindset.

"Level Up 2024" is a holistic experience that seamlessly blends the pillars of Leadership and Faith with the essential elements of Money, Marketing, and Mindset. It empowers attendees to thrive in their careers and personal lives, promoting ethical, faith-driven leadership and fostering positive change in their communities. Whether you seek to enhance your financial acumen, sharpen your marketing skills, or cultivate a resilient mindset, this event offers a wealth of opportunities and insights to help you succeed in today's competitive business landscape.


Interested in being an Exhibitor or Sponsor?


1. Targeted Audience: Connect with young entrepreneurs, CEOs, established business owners, and investors who are actively seeking innovative products, services, and partnerships.

2. Networking Opportunities: Engage with industry influencers, potential clients, and partners during dedicated networking sessions and social events.

3. Thought Leadership: Showcase your expertise through speaking opportunities or by hosting a workshop or panel discussion, positioning your brand as an industry leader.

4. Brand Exposure: Gain visibility and brand recognition through prominent logo placement in event materials, online promotion, and social media channels.

5. Business Growth: Generate leads, cultivate new business relationships, and explore investment opportunities that can propel your company’s growth.

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Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Level Up 2025 and position your brand at the forefront of the young entrepreneur and business community. Secure your preferred location by reserving your exhibition package now.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact:

Event Organizer: Eve Fadden

Email: [email protected]


Our Strategic Advantage Does!

Our strategic advantage does this because we provide a personalized approach to our events, advisory and coaching services, focusing on building long-term relationships with our clients and providing high-quality solutions at a reasonable investment and real return on that investment. Moreover, we are disrupting the events industry by implementing a unique approach to our conference events.

We are not just organizing conferences; we are focused on Leveling Up each community we hold a conference event in. This means that we aim to leave a lasting impact on the community by providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and educational content. Our approach is not just about hosting an event; it’s about creating a meaningful "gamified experience" that delivers real value to our attendees and contributes to the growth and development of the community as a whole.

By combining our personalized approach to advisory and coaching services with our innovative approach to conference events, we are creating a powerful strategic advantage that sets us apart and positions us for long-term success.


Meet your hosts Christopher Cumby, Kurt Fadden, Eve Fadden, Kevin Branton, Andrew McKelvie and Our LEVEL UP Partners. These Are People That Are Behind The Big Vision!

Synergy in Collaboration:


The Level Up Team &  partners and their combined expertise create an unstoppable synergy. They understand that the key to success lies in a holistic approach that integrates sales strategies, team motivation, and effective leadership. Together, they will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap to success, guiding you through every step of your journey.


Giving Back:


At Level Up Epic Events, we believe in the power of not only personal and professional growth but also in giving back to our community. That's why we're committed to making a positive impact by dedicating 10% of our profits to support local charities that empower youth and children with opportunities for leadership. By being a part of "Level Up," you're not only investing in your own growth but also contributing to a greater cause. Join us on this incredible journey of transformation, where we're not just leveling up ourselves, but also the lives of the next generation.